Perfect Pacing Therapy

 For when 'Running is my Therapy' is not enough. I offer a unique space for you to bring running related issues into talking therapy.   

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Perfect Pacing: Mind over Movement

What is it and how will it benefit me?

What is it? Perfect Pacing Therapy is talking therapy for you to bring issues into a therapeutic space, when 'running as therapy' may not be enough on its own, and for those times when you feel something else is needed. I combine my integrative counselling approach and training with an awareness and understanding of your issues and concerns.  It is a space for you to speak freely and without judgement. I can help you process your challenges and how you will move forward.

I have a passion for the therapeutic aspects of movement, especially running outdoors and walking in nature. My research on the relationship between running and therapy showed how people use running, walking and movement to support their physical and mental health, for their own therapeutic purpose, or alongside accessing talking therapy or other mental health support services. It also showed the significant impact of not being able to run or walk, when this is used for therapeutic purpose.

How will it benefit me? Perfect Pacing is about supporting you at the pace you are at right now. 

Issues people bring include:

Overcoming anxiety. 

Loss of motivation.

Psychological impact of injury.


How do I book a Session and Fees? Sessions are online via Zoom available at a mutually convenient time. Sessions are from £40 from 50 minutes and longer sessions are available.  Sessions are booked as and when needed.  If you wish to move to regular counselling sessions to explore other therapeutic issues in more depth, this can be negotiated.


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